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PlayStations nabbed from children's hospital [Update 2]


Some despicable bloke has made off with a pile of PlayStations from the Yorkhill 4B Ward in Glasgow, Scotland. The sole remaining console must now be shared between more than a dozen children who are being treated for severe burns. Many of the patients are confined to their beds for weeks at a time, so the gaming consoles have become an important resource for staff caretakers.

In response to the egregious act, Angela Kelly, a Yorkhill nurse, has launched a fundraising drive, with the hopes of earning enough money to purchase 14 new PS2s, one for each child in the ward. To prevent future theft, the nurses plan to secure the consoles to trollies. A recent study has shown that playing games helps distract patients from pain.

For more information or to donate, contact: Yorkhill Children's Foundation

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