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Enable blog and photocast comments in iWeb

Dan Pourhadi

Sweet: Blogger kfloydh points to an AppleScript called iComments actually lets you add a real comments feature to your blogs and photocasts in iWeb. It basically works like this: You add the term "insertCommentsHere" as text to your blog page in iWeb and then publish it. Run the iComments AppleScript and select the page with that text phrase in your iWeb site. Voila: iComments will tweak the page and add a "Comments" link that refers to an account (that you'll have to create) at HaloScan -- which remotely takes in and manages all the comments posted to your blog.

Unfortunately, kfloydh notes that you'll have to perform these steps every time you publish your blog -- but if you want the simplicity of iWeb and the interactivity of a comments feature, iComments will make that possible without much hassle.

Check out the demo at kfloydh's photocast page.

[via MacBytes]

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