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Swanni sez Super Bowl HD coverage not so super

Kevin C. Tofel

Well it looked pretty good to me! Phillip Swann (aka: Swanni) is usually dead-on with his HDTV commentary and lists of the best or worst looking in high def, but we're scratching our heads over this one. Calling the broadcast "disappointing and flat", Swanni thinks that some of the new HDTV owners were disappointed. We're used to several years of high-def viewing and the coverage, picture quality and sound all rocked our home entertainment rooms.

Is Swanni right? To paraphrase Russell Crowe as Maximus from Gladiator, "Were you not entertained?"
Do we have any new HDTV owners that want to chime in? What's next Swanni, are you going to tell us that "Gladiator" looks mediocre in 1080i too?

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