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Dwelling on Dwellings

Mike D'Anna

With all the features that WoW offers to players, one thing still rests on the top of a lot of people's wish-lists: player housing. Blizzard has said from the beginning that housing is pretty far down on their to-do list, but there is a hardcore faction of players that are still pushing for some real estate.

Personally, I could give or take it; a house would be a neat little addition, but it would create a whole new element in the game that might upset the delicate WoW balance we all love. In other words, I want to be out questing & fighting other players, not shopping for a new end table.

In any case, the debate doesn't look to be dying down anytime soon, as this thread on the official forums shows. What are your thoughts on the subject? Do we need houses, or is the game fine as it is?

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