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Matsushita regains PDP lead

Kevin C. Tofel

After losing the title of "PDP market share leader" to Samsung late in 2004, the parent company of Panasonic reclaimed the PDP title in the last quarter of 2005. Matsushita opened up new fabrication plants and is riding strong demand for it's Panasonic brand plasma set. In terms of PDPs supplied, the company took the lead with a 28% share over Samsung's 26.7%. LG is close behind Samsung with a 25.6% share for the quarter.

Even more amazing is that HD plasmas outsold ED plasmas for the first time since 2003. With prices dropping as quickly as they are, there aren't many good reasons for an EDTV purchase these days, except in the case of a secondary set or if your budget still isn't ready for a full-blown HD set just yet.

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