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Playstation 3 price rumors: $599 for Blu-ray movies?


Since there's nothing for a slow news day like a wild unfounded rumor, let me make sure you've seen this one. Gamerandy is reporting that Gamestop and Electronics Boutique will start taking preorders for the Playstation 3 for $399. The kicker is that if you want to play more than games, i.e. Blu-ray movies, you'll need the $599 version, or possibly an unlock of some kind.

A large part of the PS3's appeal is as a low-priced Blu-ray player, and while $599 would still put it well below the standalone players already announced, it's still a bit rich for many gamer's blood. If this is true, or at the least, Sony copies Microsoft's dual-SKU strategy, does this affect whether or not you will buy a PS3 at launch?

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