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Can't attract teenage boys (to your games)? Try Oprah.

Dan Choi

Okay, so advertising on Oprah's probably not gonna net Nintendo more teenage boys to its side anytime soon, but Reggie does like the idea of appealing to an older demographic with paid airtime alongside the Queen of TV Talk. Ellen may also be graced with the Big N's ads in the future.

According to Next Generation, it all has to do with the disruptive strategy Nintendo is undertaking to supplement gaming's current main audience of young males (whose "interest in games is declining") with titles and marketing that focus on girls and older gamers. For example, marketing channels like Seventeen and Teen People have apparently already been targeted and explored to drive sales of Nintendogs.

At least with all the hubbub concerning the need for more non-traditional gamers to enter the fold, Reggie's still keepin' it real by remembering who's really important in all this: the jaded 14-year-old, raised on GTA. We see that the man's still got his priorities intact.

[Via DS Fanboy & Slashdot Games]

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