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Radiospire wireless HDMI chipset

Kevin C. Tofel

So you've got a rad high-def set with 1080p resolution and HDCP-compliant HDMI inputs. But we're betting what you don't have is a wireless HDMI chipset from Radiospire to help you send uncompressed 720p or 1080i programming at up to 3 Gbps. Radiospire created the chipset for OEMs so we're waiting to see who will be the first to pick it up, but the technology wisely uses the 3.1 to 4.8 GHz bands so the signal doesn't get crossed with those anemic 802.11a, b, and g transmissions. We'll be watching for a 1080p flavor in the second half of the year, and hope they up the output range beyond the current 15 feet.

[Via HDBeat]

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