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T-Mobile MDA and SDA get official launch date (again)

Marc Perton

We figure at this point you're probably about evenly divided between those who have absolutely had it up to here with all this talk about T-Mobile's MDA (aks the HTC Wizard) and SDA (the HTC Tornado) and those who have been watching the calendar with rapt attention waiting for official word that the two smartphones have landed. Well, if you're in column A, you can check out right now, and if you're in column B, you can stop watching the calendar and start watching T-Mobile's online store. We've just received word that the two smartphones will be officially announced Monday morning, and that the SDA will be in stores Monday as well. Want the MDA? You'll have to wait until the following Tuesday, February 21. That's right, calendar-watchers: Tuesday. Because, you know, Monday, February 20 is President's Day, and T-Mobile's staff will presumably be off watching fireworks having barbecues doing whatever it is you actually do on President's Day.

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