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The best thing about NBC's Olympic coverage

Matt Burns

I have to admit that I have watched a good amount of the Olympics so far. Once you get past the O.K. picture quality, it's not that bad. The one thing that I love is NBC's new take on the classic "ticker." They threw out the standard idea of what it is supposed to be (side-scrolling text) and updated it.

NBC removed the classic scrolling text for "vertically stepping" text. That is, text that rises up and stays stationary just long enough for you to glance at it, then moves up as another one takes its place. Plus, with the added high-def eye candy, it works and looks great.

NBC has a lot of video up on Google video and this clip has the ticker in reference at the bottom of the screen. Sure, the clip isn't in HD, but you can still clearly make it out. Here's hoping that other networks make use of the widescreen picture that high definition offers.

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