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Revolution power supply speculation


Where does the Revolution get its power from? Well, in addition to the vast resource that is the laughter of children all across the world, electricity plays a reasonably important role in getting the console to turn on and emit its various beeps and boops. Nothing shocking about that, right? According to a recent posting on the GAF forums, however, the console may use an interesting method of getting its power from your wall socket.

The information comes from the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK and it states that the Revolution stand actually acts as a power supply, effectively turning a humongous power brick into an aesthetically pleasing part of the design. It seems like a solid and attractive idea, but something doesn't quite add up. If the stand is the only way of powering the Revolution, the console is restricted to a vertical position--bad news for those with cramped entertainment stands.

The news also doesn't match up with the Revolution's patent drawings, which clearly show the machine having a traditional port for a power cable and little pads on the side to allow for horizontal placement. If there's any indication of a power connector on the actual stand, we can't see it. While the scan from the magazine could have easily been manipulated into a hoax, it may be possible that the author of the article was privy either to a newly designed stand with a power cable running from the back....or a large cache of drugs. We thought about Nintendo selling a rechargeable power stand for truly wireless gaming purposes, but even that seems a little too far-fetched.

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