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"The world's biggest backyard fence to talk over"

David Chartier

MacTV has posted a really interesting videocast 'flashback' on the early days of computing in 1981 (iTMS link), including news footage and computing expo coverage.  An intriguing but brief interview with "multi-millionaire Steve Jobs" made it into the vidcast, and barring any discussions of how ruthless his Steveness may be, he exhibited the same kind of well-spoken zest for computing in 1981 that he still has on stage today. At the least, it's a short but fun glimpse at what all this computer stuff was like 25 years ago. If you haven't subscribed to the MacTV vidcast (or the iPod edition) yet, this is a great time to start. They consistently post interesting video bits like this both new and old, covering topics you typically won't see elsewhere.

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