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Sony sez "no change" to PlayStation 3 launch date


Sony, godluv'em. Analysts have been noting for months that Sony's hope to launch the PlayStation 3 console this Spring with that new Cell processor and Blu-ray disc is, well, just a bit too aggressive. Six to twelve months too aggressive according to that Merrill Lynch research note detailing the $900 $800 PlayStation 3 per unit manufacturing cost. Yet despite Merill Lynch downgrading Sony to "sell" this morning, Sony remains optimistic once again stating that "there is no change in our original plan to release the console in spring 2006." However, they do concede that they are waiting for the final specifications related to both the PS3's Blu-ray drive and for input and output of video and sound. Yeah, Ok Sony. We're not gonna say told you so come June. No, really.

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