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Damien Barrett

Got a broken iPod and don't know what to do with it? You could sell it on eBay and hope for the best, or pay to have it repaired. Or you could sell it to, a clearinghouse that'll buy your broken iPod in almost any condition. Dead HD? Smashed screen? Click wheel that won't turn? No problem. Did your iPod attempt suicide by jumping into your toilet? No problem.

I imagine what does is strip the broken iPods for parts and then reassembles broken iPods into working iPods. Even if you get only a little bit of money for your broken iPod, it's better than filling the landfill.

We've not tried as a service and would be interested in any feedback from readers. I believe this is a new company/service and a quick search turns up very little about the company. As always, caveat emptor.

Update: Their website seems to have gone dark. No idea why. Perhaps they also receieved a letter from Apple Legal about the use of "Pod" in their name.

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