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Fallout 3 will not be at E3

Ross Miller

True, Bethesda's Peter Hines did call Fallout 3 "their baby" and implied that the title was a high priority for the developer, but that does not mean they will brag about it. GameSpot has confirmed, via Mr. Hines himself, that Fallout 3 will not be at this year's E3 and will be keeping mum on it for quite some time.

From the man himself, "I can tell you it won't be at E3 and that it'll be a while still before we're ready to talk about it." Eager fans (ourselves included) will have to just go on faith that the title is going along nicely. Remember, Oblivion was in development for quite some time before we had a glimpse, and we suspect Fallout 3 to follow the same tradition.

[Thanks, DahCheet]

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