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Vivitar intros 6 megapixel 6150s and 8 megapixel 8600s at PMA

Evan Blass

You'd think with the way we're covering Vivitar cams this weekend (two posts already, which is just as many as they've gotten in the entire history of Engadget) that their execs might be paying us off or something, but we really don't consider partial ownership of the company to be a payoff- more of a consulting fee. Anyway, following up on the five megapixel, optical-zoomless 5150s that we brought you yesterday are two more funtastic models from Vivitar, the 8600s and the 5150s' big brother, the 6150s. The 8600s is a eight megapixel shooter with an impressive 6x optical zoom and large 2.8-inch LCD, although no video mode it seems. Like the 5150s, the six megapixel 6150s sports a 2-inch LCD and claims that "although there is optical zoom available, the 4x digital zoom offers the creative freedom you may need to capture that memorable shot," and mentions only the digital zoom on the spec sheet. We won't be seeing this model until June, but the 8600s is slated for a February release, which means, like, tomorrow or Tuesday.

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