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Apple kills off G4 Mac mini

Marc Perton

If you were hoping the launch of Apple's Intel-based Mac mini would be your chance to pick up a bargain-basement G4 mini, you're out of luck. Though Apple was selling the mini for full price on its online store earlier today, once the Intel version came out, the G4 version vanished. Of course, you can still buy a G4 mini for about $499 from a third-party dealer, many of whom seem to have plenty of unsold inventory. But to bring its specs even close to those of the $599 Core Solo version (which includes Bluetooth, WiFi, 512MB RAM and an 80GB hard drive in its base configuration), you're going to have to spend at least another $100, negating any savings. Give those dealers a couple of weeks, though. Chances are those prices will come down pretty quickly.

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