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Comcast DVR problems coming to light in Boston?

Kevin C. Tofel

Last week, Matt indicated that his love-hate relationship with his Comcast DVR turned to the negative and based on the comments, it sounds like you're all ready to file for divorce. What are the grounds? The Motorola 6412 is dropping the audio channel, has been returned by some of you a number of times, or occasionally requires a reboot.

The general Comcast DVR story might be taking on the spotlight in Boston as well, since WCVB up in Beantown is looking for folks to go on camera and discuss the issues. Not that we're Comcast-bashing, but it is important for the facts and background to be accurate, so if you and your Comcast DVR are watching TV in separate rooms, you might want to contact WCVB via their contact form. You'll need to be close to Boston, of course. If you're not, we might be able to recommend a good counselor for you and your DVR.

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