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DS Lite pr0n gallery


Lik Sang managed to get their hands on a sample DS lite and have posted a gallery of relatively high resolution shots comparing the DS Lite's features to its GameBoy Micro and DS phat brethren. The most obvious difference between the DS Lite and the original DS is the screen's brightness which is quite clearly several steps up on the original model, even at the lowest selected level. Other differences include:
  • Inability to turn off the DS Lite's backlight (as was possible with the DS phat)
  • Completely new power adaptor (bummer)
  • Bigger (yes, bigger) stylus than the original DS
  • 1000mAh battery, compared to the DS' 850 mAh (probably to accomodate the brighter screen)
  • D-pad is smaller and sharper, the buttons are spring-loaded, thicker and with an improved shape (sweet)
In other news only 93,000 units will be available at launch (March 2nd) in Japan because the white color will be the only model available. Once the other two colors launch on March 11th there will be a slight respite, but considering that the original DS is "sold out" in Japan, this could be quite a hectic launch.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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