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DTV Pioneer awards

Ben Drawbaugh

Is it me or do the same people win this thing every year? Some of the previous year's winners are obviously the true Pioneers in Digital TV.

The biggest missing player in this year's nominees is DISH Network; I mean how many channels do you have to add to get nominated? I think they have done more in the last year than the 3 companies that were nominated, well maybe not three times as much as DIRECTV.

My favorite is Lost, a nominee for the "People's choice" award. I think this is the best show on TV right now and it's one of the only shows that I watch 15 minutes after it starts, the rest of the shows get better with age on my HDTivo. I am a bit disappointed that none of my Representatives were nominated for "Best DTV Leadership", I guess I will have to email them to tell them they are slacking!

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