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Thinking laterally: slingboxing games

Vladimir Cole

Heard of the Slingbox (pictured above)? It's a hardware and software product that allows a person to "sling" content from a home television set to any Internet-connected, Windows-based computer or PDA. This enables some pretty cool behavior. For example, you're stuck in some crappy hotel while away from home on business and so you decide to skip the meager hotel offerings to watch your home television programs on your Windows-based laptop.

Let's take it a step further. Eventually, we imagine a product that will enable remote control of game consoles from any broadband device. Initially, it'll be simple. You'll be able to play simple games like Hexic on your mobile phone. Eventually, it'll be possible to experience PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Revolution gaming from anywhere.

How cool would that be? There's nothing technically impossible about it. We just need slightly faster mobile devices, slightly speedier Internet connections, and slightly better video compression technologies.

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