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Hands-on with the Fujitsu-Siemens T830 superphone

Evan Blass

If there were ever any doubts regarding our complete dedication to our readers, let them be dispelled here and now, because we just suffered through four pages of a poorly-translated Italian "review" (it's more of a hands-on, as some features on the demo were not enabled) so that we could bring you the latest on the so-hot-that-it-makes-us-giddy Fujitsu-Siemens T830 smartphone. This gadgetfreak's delight sports a Windows Mobile 5-powered Intel PXA270 416MHz processor, GSM/UMTS, WiFi, Bluetooth, SIRF Star III GPS, dual cameras (two megapixel and VGA), 64MB RAM/128MB ROM, SDIO/MMC slot, the always-popular QWERTY keyboard, and the never-popular 240 x 240 2.4-inch TFT LCD. With all of these features, it's little wonder that SoloPalmari came out of their private screening with a "positive" sense of the device, which just brings us one step closer to knocking HP's hw6900 off the top of our "must-have" list. Click on for a few more shots...

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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