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Splitting Large AVI and DivX Files

Damien Barrett

So you've got a lot of large AVI and/or DivX files lying around. Perhaps you've decided to rip all your DVD's to DivX format to create a media center with your new Intel Mac mini. But because ripping takes a lot of time and you don't trust HD's, you also want to back up the ripped movies using that stack of 100 blank CD's your Grandma bought you for Xmas. But CD's only hold 700MB of data and your Divx files are much larger. How can you easily split the large files into more manageable (and backup-able) chunks?

Enter Explicit, a free open source Cocoa application that provides a very easy interface for doing just that! Here's a screenshot of the interface:

The author of this software used to have a program available called Xmerge, which allowed you to go the opposite direction and merge two or more files together into one large one, but it seems to no longer be available. (Ah...looks like it's an open source Linux application for which he just built a GUI). I have a copy of it on my Panther machine at home and still use it occasionally to combine files.

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