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Vein-reading keyboard raises the security bar

Evan Blass

Now that we've learned not to rely on Microsoft's Fingerprint Reader for our valuable ones and zeros, we're turning towards finger and palm vein reading as the next evolution in data security. This is not the Psychic Hotline type of palm reading that you might be envisioning, but rather refers to devices that use infrared light to scan and algorithms to encode the unique vein pattern on each person's palm or fingers. You can already access your laptop, your bank account, your car, and even your local library with vein identification systems, so it seems natural that your desktop should also get the same level of hardened security- and now it has, in the form of what Akihabara News dubs "the vampire keyboard." Eschewing a numberpad for the vein scanner, this particular keyboard is of the finger scanning variety, so you only lose a digit instead of the whole hand when the bad guys wanna get at your infoswag goodies. Doubt we'll see this over here, so for now it seems we're still stuck with tech that's hackable using a child's toy.

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