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Live from CeBIT: BenQ-Siemens, Motorola, DVB-H prototype roundup


Today, we found two additional unannounced DVB-H devices from Motorola (pictured) and Sagem at the T-Mobile Germany booth as the country, or rather, major cities in Germany gear up for the launch of digital mobile TV before the FIFA World Cup. We also learned the deets behind the telephony capabilities of that BenQ-Siemens device we brought you yesterday -- it's tri-band GSM/GPRS, features a 3.6-inch 640 x 480 262k color TFT display, 250 minutes talk time, 1.3 megapixel camera, USB-host mode, 64MB of memory with memory card expansion (which we can't see, but that's what they are saying), and a media player capable of MP3 / AAC and (unspecified) video playback. Pics of all three devices after the break.

More pics of the Motorola DVB-H handset

Hey, a 1.3 megapixel shooter.

Sagem also joining the party.

Here's a view at the OS level on that BenQ-Siemens device. As reader Eugenia points out, looks like Trolltech's Linux-based Qtopia.

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