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Shane Battier won't travel without his games

Vladimir Cole

Former Dukie and current Memphis Grizzlies Forward Shane Battier takes his games on the road. According to the March 13th edition of Sports Illustrated, his travel bag is stuffed with all sorts of gaming paraphernalia, including:

  • Slim PS2: He tells SI, "Even with my PlayStation Portable, I carry this console with me. On games like Grand Theft Auto you want the larger screen experience. The problem is a lot of hotels use this LodgeNet movie system, which ties up the inputs where PlayStation cables should go. I have to get a cleaning lady to unlock it."
  • Alienware laptop: "I have emulators loaded onto this, so I can replay games from my childhood. The biggest for me was Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. When I knocked out Mike for the first time, I must have been 10. None of my friends had beaten him. It was one of the greatest moments of my life."

This is a dude that's won all sorts of awards for his skills on the court (National Player of the Year, First-Team All-America, lead Duke to the national basketball championship) yet "one of the greatest moments of his life" was knocking out Mike Tyson before the rest of the kids on his block? A true gamer at heart!

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