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The Spider-Man PS3 font returns... for 3rd Spider-Man flick

Dan Choi

How far are we willing to go to satisfy our PlayStation 3 cravings? Just check out that image to the right for a small taste of the console imagery which rightfully should be ours.

A couple weeks ago, Sony Pictures Entertainment released the promotional image you see here for Spider-Man 3, set to be released in theaters May 4th, 2007. It's been one of the few new official media glimpses of the PS3 font to roll out of Sony HQ in Western markets recently.

Now if only we could add a "P" and an "S" before that little "3" in the corner, we'd have something pretty to show for Sony's latest dream machine. Alas, the movie title referenced also contains those limited letters (but placed in the wrong arrangement). Well, just as long as the PS3 arrives before the year of Peter Parker's next big-screen adventure, we'll be mighty pleased.

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