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Eurotech WWPC for wrist-top computing

Evan Blass

We couldn't really call ourselves Engadget without faithfully bringing you every wearable computer that we spot, so we feel that it's our duty to show you the Eurotech WWPC (wrist-worn PC) for Dick Tracy-like Linux or Windows CE action- even though it is merely a concept for now. Obviously designed for jobsite use and not to please the fashionista set, the WWPC features (in someone's imagination, at least) WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen, 64MB RAM/32MB ROM/SD slot for expansion, as well as an unspecified "low-power CPU." Of course you also get built-in speakers and wireless headset support, so your employer can chew you out after GPS narcs you out for those daily three-hour "siestas" behind the warehouse, and an eight-hour battery life from dual 2-cell Li-polymer rechargeable batteries, that should last most of your shift. Since this is just a speculative project for now, we'd also like to speculate and guess that these toys should start appearing on the shelves next month for under $100.

[Via LinuxDevices and Slashdot]

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