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Ojo to go VoIP-o

Ryan Block, @ryan

The Ojo name may be going the way of the dodo after getting cut loose by Moto, but it seems like WorldGate Communications wants to keep selling the device and service as long as possible, and are adding VoIP support make it a little more attractive and versatile. WorldGate, who are handling all things Ojo these days, announced VoIP support for the device, which is a welcome addition -- so long as they decide to make it compatible with all the major standards and services. For example, if WorldGate were to add SIP, Skype, Vonage, CallVantage, etc. support to the device, we could actually see people plunking down for one; the Ojo could easily be the swiss army knife of consumer Internet communications devices. But somehow we have a feeling WorldGate will want be behind the wheel on the VoIP, and service will keep status quo with voice being bound by their own proprietary system.

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