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Sony won't downsample Blu-ray flicks on analog HD

Marc Perton

If you're one of those few people who rushed out and bought an analog HD display (like the 1993 model pictured above), you may actually be able to find some use for it. Sony Pictures has announced that it won't downsample Blu-ray output for analog sets, which don't support HDMI. That means you'll be able to watch full-res output if you hook up your Blu-ray player to your old display, rather than the 960x540 that could be outputted using the Image Constraint Token. While we're a little surprised that Sony would actually come out and do something so consumer-friendly, we're not that shocked. After all, the number of people with analog HD sets is relatively small compared to the overall market, Sony's piracy concerns have to do with digital copying, and, of course, Sony's in a battle for market share, and if this is a way to win a few more customers over to the Blu-ray camp, they're gonna do it.

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