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Curt Schilling loses the mitt for the ole' mouse & keyboard


Curt Schilling is out of the closet. The one-time World Series MVP recently came clean about his long-time EverQuest addiction. Today, Schilling needs to play multiple EverQuest II characters simultaneously to keep up with his body's craving (see his 4-monitor setup, pictured right). "EverQuest II provides me an opportunity to remain in touch with my family... My son Gehrig and I play together when I'm not working and he's not in school." C'mon Schill, do you really expect us to buy that excuse?

The pitching great recently took this other passion to the next level, signing an endorsement deal with SOE. Look for Schilling to lead his guild on daring quests and calculated raids in the recently released Kingdom of Sky expansion.

[Thanks, mordecai]

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