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PS3 camping starts now?

Blake Snow

We now know that Sony's PS3 is expected to launch worldwide this November with a reported one million units at launch. But there's new speculation that shortages could hit yet again this November. eToychest writes: "[An] EB Games manager... informed me [today] that the corporate office learned something from the rectal violation that was the Xbox 360 launch, and stores are now gearing up to only sell pre-orders for Sony's next-gen offering on one, maybe two days. This small window of time will be widely communicated, and customers will have to visit their local store during that time if they plan on putting their name in the pot for a launch day console. Even so, with just a million systems being ready, a store getting more than a couple units on day one seems unlikely."

Looks like it could be two November's in a row with hardware shortages. If both the PS3 and Revolution launch before Thanksgiving this year, expect complete disarray.

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