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Man steals truck full of cellphones- and tracking equipment

Evan Blass

Obviously Jose Perez-Garcia of Memphis, TN is not a regular Engadget reader, or he would have known that a truck full of cellphones might, just maybe, be carrying some sort of tracking equipment to protect its $4.5 million cargo. Perez-Garcia spent a brief two hours as a millionaire after stealing the rig full of mobiles from a truck stop near Interstate 44 in Cuba, Mo., only to be pulled over by the cops in Eminence, Mo. thanks to the GPS info from owner Landstar Trucking Company. Hopefully Mr. Perez-Garcia will get to spend some time on the Internet during what we imagine will be a rather lengthy incarceration, where perhaps he'll learn to hone his trade from our semi-regular "Stupid Gadget Criminal" series, and avoid making the same blunder again.

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