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More "iPhone" rumors

Dan Pourhadi

The web's abuzz with more speculation about the so-called "iPhone," Apple's supposed up-and-coming moto-killing music-playin' bad boy phone. First off, Barron's Online (subscription required) quotes an analyst who believes the iPhone is right around the corner, and last week Piper Jaffaray said there's a 75% chance of an iPhone showing up "in the next 12 months." Add to that the comments by a J.P. Morgan analyst who says "the chatter about the product is all over the food chain" and this article that claims an Apple iPhone could hurt Motorola, and it almost seems like we're so confident it exists, we don't even need Apple to introduce it.

Whatever. Read MacRumors' recap and decide yourself if this is a bunch of hoo-haa, or if we can really expect an Apple-branded cell phone sometime soon.

Update: I should clarify something: We know the image is fake. We never intended to pass it along as a possible leak. It's basically become the Gold Standard for "iPhone" rumor images, and that's why I used it here. Sorry for the confusion.

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