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The Rising Cost of Respecs


Do you remember the first time you hit level 10 in WoW?  I do - I put my first talent points, as a young warlock, into the talent suppression, in the affliction tree.  Any old hand warlocks out there are likely to recognize this as a rather silly first choice, but I was very new to the game and it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Thankfully Blizzard allows us to rearrange our talent points at any trainer - for a cost.  The cost of the first one is hardly worth noting - a single gold coin will suffice.  But then it jumps to 5 gold.  And the next time it will be 10.  While the cost is capped at 50 gold, this can certainly add up - especially if you enjoy both PVE and PVP content, for which the best talent spec tends to be drastically different.  When community managers respond to queries about talent respecs, they tend to say that they want players to take their choice of talents seriously, rather than being able to casually respec every evening.  I'm only on my third respec, personally, but others hit the 50 gold cap long ago.  Have you respeced much yet?  And if so, what do you think of the costs?

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