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Vista delayed (for consumers) until early 2007

Evan Blass

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Microsoft's troubled transition from XP to Vista has become something of a comedy of errors, with leaks, confusing hardware requirements, disappearing features, and habitual delays having plagued the next-gen OS since it was just a wee Longhorn. And now it seems that once again our hopes of running Vista before the end of the year have been dashed, with Microsoft issuing a press release late Tuesday revealing that although a business rollout will begin in November, consumers will have to wait until January 2007 to upgrade. While we're certainly frustrated that we won't be able to get our Vista-on for the holidays, we're gonna try to put a positive spin on the situation and appreciate the fact that we now have a little longer to decide which of the eight six flavors of the new operating system we'll be dual-booting on our Macs.

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