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Boycotting Blu-Ray and HD DVD is not the solution

Matt Burns

The big Digg of the night involved a grass-roots movement to boycott Blu-Ray. We understand peoples disgust with the DRM but this cleverly named website needs to check their facts. This entire site kind of falls under "Don't believe everything you read online" catagory.

What www.f** got wrong.

  1. HDMI is not the only option for older sets. A good amount of older HDTV have the necessary HDCP compliant DVI connection that will work with a simply adapter. The Sony Blu-Ray player will give you up to 1080i through component cables. (right on the Sony's product page)
  2. HDMI cables are not pricey. Froogle
  3. We don't like the MPAA and RIAA at all but the statement about they think that DRM is more important about life is absurd. After following three links and a PDF of legal filling about trade agreements concerning the DMCA and computer software we are wonder where they even got record and movie industry from.

  1. Why is connecting to the Internet bad for more extras? Yes, the first players will not have this option but most people already know this. We like the option of viewing more extras.
  2. Wait a second..."The jump from DVD to the next generation does not provide any benefits other than higher resolution, but DVD's still look damn good." ...Yes, DVDs look good but Bens first look of HD DVDs was that it was "VERY impressive."
  3. Yes, the first players will be expensive. The first DVD player was from Toshiba was $675. Why would you boycott something just because it is pricey?
  4. The worst point about this whole article is that it states that you will need to buy all new DVDs. That's not correct in anyway. That was one of the biggest benifits of Toshiba's HD DVD players can play normal DVDs. EDIT: Sony's Blu-Ray players play them as well and even up convert all the way up to 1080p. Thanks Chris for catching that.
We agree that yes, DRM is bad, but boycotting is not the solution here. Mark Cuban wrote a great post about DRM that you just might want to check out.

Are you going to particapate in this boycott? buy the first, or second generation, is not boycotting that is just good sense.

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