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Sanyo's Mobile ESPN MVP clamshell reviewed


It probably doesn't take much to figure out if the Mobile ESPN MVP phone manufactured by Sanyo for ESPN's new MVNO is up your alley. If you're a sports nut with a thick wallet, you can't go far wrong with Mobile ESPN as far as actual services, and the rebranded Sanyo MM-9000 phone brings plenty of power on its own. There's a QVGA screen, MP3 playback, and great reception according to PC Magazine. They also found the service to be plenty extensive, with live scores, up to date news, and even the ability to manage your fantasy sports teams. The downside is that all these good times don't come cheap, and they don't come in a small package. The phone itself -- a hefty 4.6 ounce, 1-inch thick affair -- can run you upward of $300, and the $65 service cost doesn't include roaming or quite enough text messages (100) to get through a news heavy sports month like March. At least there's unlimited data, now how about a few more phones?

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