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Pics of Nokia N93, deets of unannounced N73

Evan Blass

Dutch phone site newmobile has more pics of the Nokia N93 cameraphone we spotted late last year, and more interestingly, details of another three megapixel handset said to be the successor to the N70. Supposedly the N73, as it's being called (sorry, no pics available yet), will add a million-odd pixels to its predecessor's camera, along with Bluetooth 2.0, S60 3rd Edition, and a "very special stylish design,' along with maintaining the 3G and video calling goodness found on the older model. As we suspected before, the N93 (successor to the N92) will sport Bluetooth 2.0, UMTS, WiFi, a QVGA screen, and like all new N-series phones, S60 3rd Edition. Also shown was the 6133, which is just the US version of the 6131 clamshell introduced last month, although as with the other two models, none of that vital pricing/availability info is known.

[Thanks, Jabar]

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