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Seen@GDC: Nintendo Revolution; it's wittle

I know you've already seen shots of Nintendo's little white box at this year's GDC, but you haven't seen these shots. "What makes these shots different?" you ask, politely.

Only one thing: I was there! I saw it with my own two eyes and the Revolution is, in a word, tiny. It's deceptively small. Think about the first time you pulled the GameCube out of its box and marveled at how it was smaller than you'd imagined. Think Mac mini small. Think Xbox 360 power supply small. Think parking lot from the window seat of an airplane small... alright, maybe not that small, but small!

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The size of the revmote controller is the most shocking. It looks like it could fit in my hand with room to spare. Now I have to make the papercraft version!

Yup, its shiny. There's practically a mirror finish to the thing.

You can see how the top panel flips up for the Gamecube controllers.

Two USB ports, A/V port, and the power port. It's a sad day for anyone holding onto hope that the base would double as a power supply.

The illumination gives the console a sacred glow. Judging by the fanboys swarming the thing, offering sacrifices of virgin('s) drool, the analogy is peculiarly apt.

I wonder if the glass lid lifted off. I'm wondering how many people wondered the same thing while basking in its glow. I'm wondering how many actually tried it. There had to be at least one.

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