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Track your billable hours with On The Job


If you've got the type of job that requires you to track your billable hours, check out On The Job by Stunt Software. It's got a very iTunes-like interface and makes tracking the tasks associated with a given job really easy. Simply create one folder per job, and store the associated tasks inside. Click the "Play" button when you clock in, and the meter starts running. Click it again, and it stops (See? Easy). On The Job even creates a nice invoice that you can print with a click (Ok, two clicks).

It's pretty nice, and a single license will cost you $24.95 (requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or later).

Incidentally, Stunt Software is giving away one iPod nano at the end of April, as well as 30 free licenses for On The Job (one every day in April). That should make work a little more tolerable.

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