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EU brings the hammer down on roaming charges


Well, the cellular mobile phone industry can't say it wasn't warned about their bloated roaming charges in Europe. EU officials are now ratcheting up the heat on European carriers under the invisible hand a new proposal that, among other changes, would make it free to receive a call when abroad in addition to being charged at "home rates" when making an in-country call. Goverment figures show that currently, a 4-minute call received from the UK while in Italy results in a steep £3.80 ($6.65) tarrif from O2 or £3.04 ($5.32) with Vodafone. The proposal has the support of 25 nations with EU commissioner, Viviane Reding, stating that the new pricing could be in effect by Summer of 2007 if the European Parliament and national governments moved quickly. Er, right...quickly Viv. You did say Parliament and national governments must agree, right?

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