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GSM Spy Socket turns power strip into surveillance tool

Marc Perton

One door closes; another opens. If you've been planning to set up a little sting (not that we're advocating privacy invasions or anything), the GSM Spy Socket might be the tool for you. Looking like a humble power strip -- it's even got a logo from power-supply company APC for increased verisimilitude -- the device works with any GSM SIM card to become an instant eavesdropping tool. The best part: you can check in from anywhere, simply by dialing the number associated with the SIM. Alas, this seems to be available in a Euro-only configuration; no way is this gonna fool anyone using a US-style strip. (It's also pretty expensive, at €950, but that's the price you pay for being a spying scoundrel, eh?)

[Via the Ferret]

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