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Traveling gamers, avoid these hotels!

Vladimir Cole

Too many gamers must deal with the vagaries of shoddy or expensive WiFi connections in the hotels around the world. We believe nothing should come between a traveller and the comforts of gaming.

A new survey by blog HotelChatter arms you with knowledge in making that dream a reality. If connected road gaming's important to you, do not stay at Marriott Flagship, Kor Hotel Group, W Hotels, Four Seasons, Morgans Hotel Group, Hyatt Hotels.

Do try to stay at: Kimpton Hotels, Omni Hotels, Andre Balazs properties, Holiday Inn Express/Marriott Residence Inn, Sunset Tower (LA), City Club (NY), Hotel Vitale (SF), Hotel Angeleno (LA), Sheraton San Diego and Boston.

If you're stuck at a hotel that doesn't provide free, fast WiFi, write them a note and make sure it gets to a manager. How else are you going to check Joystiq on the road?

Best WiFi hotels

Worst WiFi hotels

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