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Ubisoft assumes control of Far Cry IP, engine

Alan Rose

Today, Ubisoft announced it has acquired the remaining intellectual property rights associated with the Far Cry property, and also a perpetual license to use the Far Cry edition of the CryENGINE. This move could be construed as a retaliation shot at Electronic Arts after its "hostile" acquisition of a 20% stake in the French publisher last year, especially given EA's recent partnership with Far Cry developer Crytek on the forthcoming Crysis. Bad blood, anyone?

Under the terms of the Far Cry IP ownership, Ubisoft has exclusive rights to publish "sequels, add-ons, derivative and merchandising products on any format for its full benefit." Let's hope this "full benefit" doesn't involve any more EA-style moves, like flooding the market with endless Far Cry sequels. I can see it now -- Farther Cry, Farthest Cry, Far Cry with a Vengeance, Far Cry Street, Far Cry Xtreme Legends, Aliens vs. Far Cry Instincts Predator... The possibilities are limitless!

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