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Apple continues to irk nation's architectual boards


It's not easy to be cutting-edge. You may remember last month when Apple was having difficulty getting Boston's Back Bay Architectural Commission to approve the design of what should be a new flagship retail store in Beantown. Similarly, NYC shot down a design for an all-glass storefront facade that was proposed for the city's flatiron district. However, it's been a different story in Alexandria, Virginia.

According to ifoAppleStore, the city recently approved Apple's proposal for a steel-and-glass building with two Apple logo signs in place of what used to be a McDonald's. Kudos to Alexandria's Board of Architectural Review, which stated that it "...[discourages] standard, off-the-shelf, aluminum storefront components that tend to result in repetitive storefront designs.” Like I said about the proposed Boston store, I think the juxtaposition of contemporary and historic architecture in a city is quite attractive. Are you listening, Back Bay Architectural Commission?

[Via ifoAppleStore]

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