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$3.8 billion by 2011 in game downloads for consoles


Next Generation reports that the ABI Research firm believes, via conducted study, that game downloads will grow to $3.8 billion on consoles by 2011. The piece cites that while Xbox Live already has content available via download through Marketplace, it's the PS3 and Nintendo that will come out on top in the online battle for your hard-earned simolians. The firm seems to believe that this is largely due to Nintendo and Sony's free multiplayer gaming, which would leave the user with extra cash to drop on premium content via each respective service.

With the recent inclusion of Sega and TG games for the Revolution's Virtual Console, there'll be a lot of premium content available for download. While this study fails to mention how these numbers were reached, Nintendo will undoubtedly have a much more robust service to offer than its competitors.

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