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Hitachi's DV-DH-1000D 1TB HDD/DVD recorder


Yeah we know, those wimpy 800GB video recorders are for chumps. The cool kids are all hangin' with Hitachi’s new 1TB, DV-DH1000D HDD/DVD video recorder. Yeah, that's 1,000GB of freakin' storage to fix that high-def recording jones. The rest of the details are sketchy. The best we can make out from the machine translation is that the device sports HDMI and includes both terrestrial analog and digital Hi-Vision (HDTV) tuners for simultaneous recording and/or playback. But hey, it's only available in Japan so other than reigning  as the "world's largest" video recorder, what more do you really need to know?

[Via Akihabara News]

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