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Orange SPV M600 (HTC Prophet) reviewed


MSMobile News has a review of the SPV M600, the Orange flava of the HTC Prophet. You know, that new GSM/GPRS/EDGE WinMo Pocket PC Phone with WiFi and 2 megapixel shooter. The review grooves on the M600’s “tight joins” and deep black shell with chrome accents which “really work.” The rounded corners, “well positioned” buttons, small footprint, and soft-touch coating means that “for the most part” the device can be easily used with one hand. And for those of you worried about that 200MHz TI OMAP 850 being a dog, forget it – they found this bit of silicon to pack such a “punch” that they wondered “why some of those 400MHz processors are so slow.” Gripes? Sure, a few, but complaining about lack of a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack, A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile, or 640 x 480 VGA screen (the M600 goes 2.5-mm, and 320 x 240) are just nits, which the reviewer readily admits. Throw in a “far superior” camera than previous HTC offerings, and the M600 emerges as a “great trade off” in terms of size v. function.

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