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Tomb Raider content on Xbox Marketplace

Alan Rose

Eidos Interactive announced today the availability of exclusive Tomb Raider Legend content for Xbox 360 on Live Marketplace, including a playable demo of Legend, and Lara Croft dashboard themes and picture packs. While this initial content is free, it's not hard to imagine Eidos and other publishers following in the footsteps of Bethesda Softworks, who is already taking some heat for selling Oblivion "extras" through the Marketplace service.

The most obvious bonus content for a Tomb Raider game would be alternate outfits for Lara, or maybe enhanced weaponry, and although this content isn't necessary to play the game, the "just gotta have it" factor can be as seductive to gamers as Lara herself. In the end, this is basically legalized goldfarming, where the publishers benefit instead of some shadowy operation, and the wealthiest gamers have the most fun. Whatever happened to earning unlockable content the old fashioned way -- through blisters, sweat, and tearful bottomless pits of death? Welcome to next gen gaming, indeed.

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